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FERC Interconnection Technical Conference Looks at Connecting Storage to the Grid

Posted in Policy & Regulation, Power Production & Supply, Solar

The last panel in FERC’s Review of Generator Interconnection Agreements and Procedures Technical Conference, held on Friday, May 13, discussed the role of electricity storage in wholesale markets (Docket Nos. RM16-12-000 and RM15-21-000).  Panelists pointed out multiple types of … Continue Reading

FERC Examining Storage Participation in Markets

Posted in Energy Efficiency & Demand, Policy & Regulation, Power Production & Supply, Solar

Following the energy storage panel discussion at the November 19, 2015, Commission meeting, FERC staff issued data requests Monday to RTOs/ISOs on electricity storage resources’ participation in capacity, energy and ancillary service markets. (Docket AD16-20-000.)  Responses are due May 2; … Continue Reading

EPA (Finally) Publishes Proposed Rule for Carbon Pollution Standards for New Fossil-Fuel Power Plants in Federal Register: 60 Day Comment Period for Public Comment

Posted in Policy & Regulation

The EPA proposed rule to set GHG emission performance standards for fossil-fuel powered electric generating units, was published in the Federal Register yesterday after almost three months since EPA first issued it.  These new proposed standards reflect separate determinations of … Continue Reading